Not only does WESCO carry the best brands and have the most expertise in fitting equipment, we also pride ourselves in all the services we offer.


Anyone can sharpen ice hockey skates, but not anyone can provide you with consistent and precise sharpenings like our Staff. We offer a regular sharpening that only leaves our machine once the edges are perfectly level. Oh and another point, our amazing sharpenings are still one of the cheapest in the Northeast. Nowhere else will you find such a great sharpening! Another helpful hint: check out our Skate Sharpening Cards and get 10 sharpenings for the price of 8!

Elite Sharpening:

What is an Elite Sharpening, and how can it be better than our already perfect regular sharpening? Well, it is a sharpening needed for the elite skater (ice hockey or figure skater). Some blades require extra attention, and extra care. For these special blades (usually high-end figure skate blades, and some specialty ice hockey blades), we offer an Elite Sharpening. The Elite Sharpening still gives you perfect edges, but polishes the blade to a higher hone for improved glide and longer sharpening life. With an Elite sharpening you are guaranteed a fresh cut on the wheel and the best finish you can find.

Ice Hockey Skate Repair:

You name it, WESCO can do it. If you need rivets or coppers replaced, it can be done and done fast! If your eye-lits are rusted, falling apart/out, or even missing completely WESCO can replace them too. Steel and Tuuk replacements are no problem! We carry all sizes in Tuuks, and also have runners for CCM, Easton, Graf, and Reebok. We do skate repairs all year long, so you don't need to worry about skate problems during the regular season, playoffs, or spring/summer/or fall training.

Goalie Skate Repair:

The same repairs can be done on goalie skates as well. Whether its a problem with Rivets, Coppers, Eye-lits, Steel, or Cowlings, it doesn't matter. WESCO can fix it and help keep those pucks in front of you! We also carry after market replacement steel and accessories to help give new and experienced goalies the extra edge!

Ice Hockey Equipment Repair:

For equipment just out of warranty, or those 20 year old pants you just can't replace, WESCO can fix them up and keep them in good safe working order! We do do everything from re-sewing velcro straps (shins, shoulders, elbows, etc), to putting buttons back on pants for suspenders. We have hardware replacement for helmets including cages, chin strap, snaps, and screws. We even offer services for re-palming gloves. Bring in your equipment and let us make it like new again.

Goalie Equipment Repair:

Our goalie room is by far the best in the area, but our goalie center doesn't stop with just inventory and expert staff. WESCO offers full service and repairs on all goalie equipment. We can do things as simple as replacing leg pad straps and toe bars/laces, and as intricate as relaxing and entire leg channel. We have all the parts for leg pads including toe bar, strap, and slider replacements (hardware included), leg pad straps, knee stacks, thigh protection, and more! We don't just limit our repairs to leg pads. WESCO can also fix up you catcher and blocker. If you need a pocket or binding re-laced, or new padding inside, we can do it. We offer the same services on protective equipment as for players too. We can fix up your goalie pants, chest/arm protectors, and helmets too!

Don't waste your time sending your equipment to someone you don't even know or have never met! Come in to WESCO instead and get the best service and repairs on all your equipment! This is just another reason why "There's no place else to go"!