Sure when it comes to hockey, we're the best - but did you know that when it comes to figure skating were pretty darn good too! We carry all the brands you know for the figure skater in your life.


Risport, Graf, Jackson, Riedell, Gam, Harlick, Klingbeil.


MK, Wilson, Ultima, Paramount, Gam, Graf.


Mondor, Capezio, Chloe Noel, Del Arbour (coming soon).


Crash Pads, Bunga, Zuca Bags, and more.

When you take these great brands and put them all in one place, then add in the expertise of a true boot pro like Barbara Pilgrim, you get a great deal on a great fit along with some great advice. If figure skating is your thing, come on in, Barbara would be happy to see you.